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eVisionCare is a comprehensive software solution that provides a range of features to help manage every aspect of a large optometry practice, including multiple locations.

Centralized Management:

eVisionCare allows for centralized management of multiple locations, with the ability to view and manage patient data, schedules, inventory, and financials across all locations.


A shared URL amongst all locations. Select your specific location while logging in.

Customizable Workflows

Customizable workflows for each location, allowing staff to tailor the system to their specific needs.

Appointment Scheduling

Intuitive appointment scheduling system, with the ability to schedule appointments across all locations with a click of a button and view availability in real-time.

Electronic Health Records

Comprehensive electronic health records system, with customizable templates for exams, imaging, and other patient information.

Billing and Claims Management

Integrated government billing and claims management features, with the ability to submit claims electronically and track payments.

Inventory Management

Ability to track and reorder supplies across all locations.

Reporting and Analytics

Range of reporting and analytics features, with the capacity to generate custom reports and analyze data across all locations. Overall, eVisionCare is a powerful and flexible optometry practice management software that is built to meet the needs of large enterprises with multiple locations.