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Manage your practice in one place

Discover the all-in-one solution designed specifically for optometry professionals. eVisionCare’s robust suite of features simplifies practice management, ensuring a seamless experience for practitioners, patients, and the entire clinic staff.
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Decision Making



Optometrist-Focused Tools for Success

Empower your optometry practice with specialized tools designed to elevate patient care, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and streamline communication within your team.


Easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records for patient management and simplified data entry at your fingertips with touchscreen capabilities.

Ophthalmic Lens Lab Integration

Lab order portal built-in with lens, frame & contact lens catalogue allows you to submit orders directly to most lab manufactures.


Easily attach individual scans and documents and
pictures to patient files, or upload multiple at a time
using our file listening software.

Stay Connected: Optimized Practice Collaboration

Internal chat icon

Internal Chat

Communicate with your staff with our integrated internal chat system. Keep in constant contact from your desktop and mobile app.

web based


Access your data from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection. Compatible with all web browsers.

mobile app

Mobile App

Access patient schedules and exam history with ease, chat with your team and login securely with one- time-passcodes, All from the palm of your hand with eVisionCare's mobile app. iOS and android compatible.

Coordinate Your Team and Drive Growth

Empower your team, coordinate operations, and unlock growth. Embrace data-driven insights to foster an environment of collaboration and success in your practice.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Keep on top of everything from patient purchases to inventory and everything in between. Our powerful reporting tool provides key information so that sound management decisions are consistently made.

Task Manager

Tired of losing referrals? Never lose one again! Our structured task manager will ensure no task is left undone. Assign tasks to specific employees.

Employee scheduler(1)


Staff scheduler built-in. Track staff hours all through eVisionCare.

Optical Manager

Powerful dispensary tools allow you to manage inventory, track credits and returns, purchase orders, send email notifications when glasses are ready and more!

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile app for Android and iOs. eVisionCare app! Upon arrival, have self-serve options available to check patient's in and out through a tablet and have them complete their questionnaire. Chat internally with your team and review appointments and exam history, all from your mobile device. iOS and Android compatible.

Practice Management Made Simple

Simplify your clinic’s operations and manage your practice with eVisionCare’s comprehensive suite of features. Our easy-to-use tools enable seamless integration, allowing you to navigate through various processes and ensure optimal performance while keeping everything in one place.

Telus Health Integration

Save time and effort by submitting your claims directly to Telus Health using our thoughtfully designed integrated portal.

Government Billing

Send and Receive OHIP, AH and MSP payments, and reconcile directly within eVisionCare.

efax icon


Fax your referral documents through eVisionCare using our integrated eFax system


Seamlessly recall patients using the integrated text messaging, email and autocall functions. Simple to use and cost-effective, keep in touch via their preferred method of communication.


3 Tier security featuring, HIPPA Compliance, IT Disaster Recovery, 256 Bit Encryption. No unauthorized entry to your system due to our powerful two- step security login.

Enhanced Patient Experience: Care Beyond Expectations

Experience convenience and personalized care with eVisionCare’s innovative features that prioritize patient needs, enhance communication and create a seamless, comfortable experience.

Self Check-in

The self-check-in feature allows them to fill out important medical information and gives your staff more time to focus on other tasks.

Online Booking

Patients have access to book appointments in real-time, order contact lenses, fill out a medical questionnaire, update contact information, review their eye conditions & more.

patient marketing

Patient Marketing

eVisionCare's unique marketing capabilities enables you to send promo codes to your patients.Take advantage as well of the ability to buy, sell and track gift cards.

Patient Retention Management System

Save valuable time and effort with our recall system and always make sure your patients are scheduled for their next appointments.

See for yourself why successful practices move faster in eVisionCare.