Our story



our story


So how did we create a revolution in the eye care industry? It all began when Dr Dan Vespa and his team at Vespa Vision Center, Windsor, ON started realizing how much of their time and money was being wasted using the traditional EMR systems. Our story starts from there.

eVisionCare care is designed and developed by OMS Inc under the direct supervision of Dr Vespa. Since our system is designed by an optometrist just like you, be assured that our system has all the features and efficiency you probably might have wished your traditional EMR systems had.

eVisionCare is a web based Practice Management System and EMR designed for optometrists. We are a huge revolution in the field of eye care industry. Our system offers complete flexibility and accessibility to your patients from anywhere around the globe. Using our unique EMR and communication modules you will be able to maximize clinical output and provide your patients with seamless service. With our system, we guarantee that your practice will save thousands of dollars while at the same time saving a lot of your precious time.

eVisionCare is also our noble attempt in saving our planet Earth. We are very proud in developing a system that is truly paperless and hundred percent Eco-friendly. This system would not only make your clinics highly efficient but also would help you contribute to make this world a better place for us to live.

If you like to know more about our system, give us a call or send us an E-mail!

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