[testimonial company=”Dr Wissa Vision” author=”Dr Amany Wissa” ]
I believe having a Web based system is revolutionary marking a new era where the skies are open for more advances in communication technology. I can access my system for anywhere in the world, no need for bulky costy servers. I can communicate with my patients effectively through emails linked to the system. I can text my patient an appointment reminder as well. I like the convenience of creating patient reports and referrals and send them instantaneously by e fax as well.
Nevertheless,inventory management is well secured. The hardest part would be is feeding the system with your data and then everything works great.
I appreciate the friendliness and support I get from Evision team as well who are always keen to help and advise you.
I can predict greater potentials in the system which I believe would be coming soon!
[testimonial company=”revital Clinic” author=”Karen” ]
“Sat down in my living room to finish my scheduling. I love eVisionCare!”
[testimonial company=”Vaughan Eye Care” author=”Delia” ]
“Just completed two weeks with eVisionCare… starting to get the hang of the system. Love the To-Do-List Feature! Keep up the great work…including the support. Thank you!”