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Why Web-based EMR?

EMR software or Electronic Medical Records software where medical administrative, billing and patient records are managed in digital format. Web-based EMR systems are the fastest growing segment of the market for a number of good reasons. As the technology matures and security issues are quelled, small practices and others are eyeing hosted systems as a reasonable and affordable choice. Web-based EMR systems appeal to medical practices that wish to save on the upfront costs and hardware requirements of a client/server architecture, and prefer to make smaller payments indefinitely.

Some of the advantages of web based EMR systems:

  • Lower costs up front: You do not need to own or maintain a server
  • No software installation is necessary
  • The medical software vendor – not your staff – takes care of maintenance
  • The medical software should be accessible from any computer, and you do not need customized work stations
  • No worry about maintaining data integrity at multiple locations
  • You do not have to worry about system backup, or disaster recovery
  • Some professionals feel that it is easier to maintain HIPPA and CCHIT standards with web-based software